Ways to Make Business Meetings Interesting

3 Ways To Attract Millennial Attention With Your Trade Show Booth

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Millennials have finally been able to enter the business world and are starting to call the shots with regards to the technology and services that their companies use. When they go to trade shows, they aren’t just looking for free pens with your business’ logo on it. Use these three tips to get Millennials to stop looking at their smartphones and come to your booth. 1. Make Them Part of the Conversation Millennials like to have their opinions heard. They like to feel as though they are part of the process and that they will be...

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3 Important Elements To Include On A Dental Website

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If you are a dentist and need to create a good dental website, then hiring a professional designer can do wonders for the design and the professionalism of the site. When you have your website designed, here are 3 elements to include for easy navigation for current and potential clients. FAQ Page First, you can avoid many unnecessary phone calls from clients if you have a FAQ page on your website. There are a lot of basic questions that people have, but you can even cover some more difficult questions so that people do not have to call and...

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What’s The Best Way For Your Business To Ship Your Product?

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You’ve created a business that ships a tangible product to customers. You may have started out in your garage with a few friends handling all of your shipping. Before you knew it, you had a warehouse and an entire shipping department. However, when was the last time you rigorously examined your shipping practices? Are you shipping your products in the most efficient way? Are the products being treated well until they reach your customers? All of these questions relate to having the right shipping solution for your business. You...

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Tips For Staging A Model Home

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Model homes are one of the best tools that builders can use to sell a series of homes.  A model home includes all the luxuries that are offered to new buyers to entice them to buy a new home.  It’s often up to real estate agents to stage the home and make it attractive to all potential buyers.  Here are some tips to staging a model home that will attract buyers. Stay Away from the Walls     Purchase model home furniture from a warehouse, such as Consignment Furniture Warehouse of Fort Myers Inc....

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Your Bathtub Overflow Doesn’t Work As Well As You Think It Does

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A common type of plumbing repair is when a bathtub overflow fails, leaks or doesn’t actually prevent the tub from overflowing. While it is designed to help prevent your tub water from running over the top, they aren’t so effective that you don’t need to still use caution. If you find that you have a leak or that your overflow isn’t working properly, it can cause more damage than just a little spilled water. Causes of Overflow Problems Backed Up Drain: Your bathtub’s overflow pipe is connected to the same drain...

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4 Things You Should Never Store In A Self-Storage Unit

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Self storage units can be a handy way to hide Christmas presents, store work tools and materials without cluttering up your home, or hide your personal items when you’re staging your home for potential buyers. However, they’re not a catch-all. All storage facilities have rules about what can and can’t be stored inside their units, and some things are a bad idea even if they aren’t against the rules. Here are a few items that are never a good idea to put in storage. Fertilizer Most storage units will let you store your...

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Electric Space Heaters Can Reduce The Cost Of Heating With Oil Or Gas

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If you’ve sealed and weatherstripped possible sources of heat loss but your oil or gas heating bills still stretch your budget past the breaking point, supplemental space heat might offer a solution. Properly used electric space heaters are safe and efficient, and they allow you to heat only the rooms you’re using. Buying one or more to supplement or replace your central heat can save you a significant amount of money. 1. Determine Your Current Heating Cost Compare your cold-weather bills with bills from months you didn’t...

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3 Signs Of A Strong Physician Referral Network

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Are you looking to join a new physician referral network? Or do you simply want to improve the one that you’re in? A physician referral network can help you grow your practice and provide better and more effective treatment to your patients. However, not just any physician referral network will work. You need a referral network in which all members are committed to high-quality care, transparent communication, and a well-defined process. It’s often difficult to know whether a network meets those objectives until you actually join...

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Nifty Tricks To Use When Storing Items In Your Storage Unit

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If you need to rent a storage unit to hold your belongings, you will want to make sure your things are safe when you are not there to keep your eye on them. Taking the time to protect your items before or when you place them into storage will give the peace of mind that your things are not being ruined. Here are some handy tips that you can use when placing your items into storage. Get An Extra Lock Storage units will come with a lock provided by the company that rented you the unit. To be on the safe side, add an extra lock to the one that...

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Food Truck Vehicle Wraps: How To Ensure You Attract Customers

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When you run a restaurant out of a truck, it is crucial that you be able to attract customers in every way possible. One of the easiest ways to market yourself is by using your truck as your primary marketing tactic with a vehicle wrap. It will always be working for you – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Depending on your location, your food truck wrap can reach anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 or more people every single day. If you don’t know how to design the most appealing vehicle wrap, then you won’t attract customers. Here are...

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