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Make The Holiday Season Easier On Yourself This Year

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The stress of the holidays and trying to make others happy can take a toll. Instead of overextending yourself, make this time of year a little bit easier on yourself. From shopping to remembering the reason for the season, try to utilize some strategies that will create less stress and a brighter holiday. Ways to make the season easier on yourself include these tips: Antique malls. Before you head out to the crowded department stores this holiday season, consider shopping for loved ones at some unique and less-hectic venues—antique malls! If you are seeking some distinctive gifts that will please some tough-to-buy-for friends or family, try scouring the shelves of these treasure troves, where you will be able to find things that ordinary stores or malls simply don’t have, such as a vintage China tea set for a beloved Aunt or a cool retro vinyl LP for your best friend. These may also be the perfect places to head with some unwanted items to try and make a little extra money for the holiday season. For more information, contact local professionals like Midtown Mercantile Merchants. Realistic budget. The whirlwind of the holidays can be followed by an immense let-down, especially if you overspent trying to create a holiday and provide gifts that you really can’t afford. Start saving for the coming year the day after Christmas, tucking five or ten dollars aside in an account any time you get the chance. Being able to step into the new year without piles of debt from gift-giving will make the holidays brighter and less of a disappointment later on. Some support. Don’t try to do it all yourself; you will exhaust yourself and run out of patience with others. Instead, create a list and delegate chores, tasks, and errands to others that are in the household or that are planning to spend the holidays with your family. For instance, when guests ask what they can bring, tell them! This also helps make everyone feel involved during this busy social season. Underlying importance. Keep the underlying importance and significance of the holiday in mind, so that you don’t get overwhelmed or worried about details that really aren’t important. What is important is to spend quality time with your family and friends; few may remember how your gifts were wrapped or if you actually made the appetizers yourself, but many will recall the time that you spent together with your loved ones. Use these tips to create a less-stressful holiday this year. Remember that you don’t have to try to do everything on your own, and sharing moments with others wrapping gifts, baking cookies, or readying for guests could actually be some of the bright spots and memorable times that you later remember...

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Understanding The Value Of Sidewalk Signs For Your New Downtown Storefront

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When you move into a new business space where it’s crucial to market to pedestrians, you’ll want to consider some alternative signage to reach them. The traditional building signs are great from a distance and for those driving past, but for pedestrians, you need to reach them where they are. Sure, putting your business name on the window will help, but even that only reaches the people immediately in front of your shop. If you want to garner attention from the sidewalks, you’ll need to invest in some sidewalk signs. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll get from investing in them. You Can Target Your Marketing Specifically The nature of sidewalk sign design allows it to be positioned where you can reach your target market. In addition, you will be able to use it to convey clear messages about your sales, promotions and product offerings. It is a quick, easy way to let everyone know exactly what your company is and what it offers. In order for you to effectively use these signs, you need to prioritize your marketing messages. Focus on the product you’re promoting or the offer you’re launching first. That way, even if the customers don’t follow through to read the entire message, they will still get the core points. You’ve Got Lots Of Different Options One of the best parts about investing in sidewalk signs is the opportunity to change things up on a regular basis. You can order a variety of signs in different shapes, formats and styles to use. This is an important consideration because frequent passers-by will dismiss your signs if you use the same one every day. The signs get dismissed because it’s harder to spot the changes in text when the same sign is out every single day. For even more flexibility in your signs, you should invest in signs with chalk or whiteboard surfaces. These surfaces make it easier for you to change the text in minutes. That means you can change the special of the day by the hour or promote the Happy Hour drink. In addition, if you can mount the signs to a wheeled platform, you’ll be able to easily move the sign into position. There Aren’t As Many Regulations Although most commercial signs have restrictions on size, height, and placement. There are usually zoning regulations that control these things. With sidewalk signs, on the other hand, they aren’t considered to be permanent commercial signs. That means you’ve got more freedom in terms of the size, style and use of the signs. The only concern you might have is any local regulations about the obstruction of a sidewalk. Check with your city’s zoning commission to find out about any regulations like this. For more information, contact a business such as Cardinal Sign...

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3 Copier Paper Tips To Prevent Copier Jams

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Few things can be more frustrating to deal with in an office environment than copier jams. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that the paper itself can be a big contributing factor to these jams. By following these three paper-related tips, you can help prevent copier jams from occurring. 1. Buy Higher-Quality Paper It makes sense that if you’re trying to cut costs within your office, one way of doing so is buying cheaper paper. However, cheaper and lighter paper can be more likely to jam in your copier, and you won’t be saving much if you have to hire a pro to come out and fix your copier because your cheap paper caused a jam. Spending a little more on heavier, higher-quality paper is a good way to prevent copier jams from occurring in the first place. Plus, you’ll notice a difference in the quality of your documents if you spring for better paper, too. 2. Store in Their Original Packets Unless your office goes through a whole lot of paper, paper that is stored in packets rather than in boxes is generally a better choice. This is because paper that is exposed to the air can become moist from the humidity, which can then lead to a paper jam. Along with buying paper that comes in packets whenever possible, consider keeping the paper in the packet for as long as possible to help reduce exposure to humidity. 3. Only Take Out What You Need There is no reason to take out a huge stack of paper to put in the copier. Instead, only take out a few sheets at a time, such as enough to last for a day. When closing up the office for the weekend, consider taking out any leftover paper that might be sitting in the copier tray and putting it back into the packet. Again, this can help prevent paper from being exposed to humidity. A lot of copier jams are caused by the paper, so it makes sense to make changes to how you handle things in regards to the copier paper in your office. Making just these three small changes can make a world of difference and can help prevent the copier jams that you might otherwise have to deal with, allowing you to cut costs on copier repair and avoid the frustration that goes along with copier issues. Click to read...

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3 Tips For Hiring A Public Speaker

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If you have a big event coming up, and you need to hire the right individual to speak, you will want to make the best choice. The key to being able to deliver the message you want to your audience is sure to depend on doing this one thing. By knowing specific tips that can allow you to select the ideal public speaker, this can be helpful for you. Tip #1: Conduct a brief interview Taking the time to ask your potential speaker questions is critical when it comes to this situation. You should have a list of inquiries on hand that will help you conduct the interview. You should be aware of the role you want the speaker to take beforehand. Do you want to engage the community? Do you prefer to get a point across about your organization? Take the time to figure out what you want this speaker to do for your event. This is also the ideal time to get a full list of credentials and references from the person you’re considering to hire. Tip #2: Discuss the event It’s ideal to take the time to thoroughly discuss the event with your speaker. You should go over what you’re trying to accomplish with this individual before hiring this person. Additionally, you will want to provide some of the details listed below: 1. The amount of time you want the speaker to talk. 2. The time and date of the event and when the speaker should begin the speech. 3. The physical address of where the event will be held. Providing critical details will enable the speaker to know what to expect and what responsibilities are involved. Tip #3:  Decide on fees The time to discuss the fees that the speaker will charge is before booking this individual for your event. It’s in your best interest to have a contract that lies out all of the details of the event, and this should include the costs for the speaker. This is ideal for avoiding any confusion with this matter. Being prepared is certain to be the ideal way to get what you want from your event and your speaker. This will take a bit of effort on your part, but the results are sure to be much better in the long run. Being able to promote your business or organization is sure to be much more doable by engaging the assistance of the right...

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Tips For Throwing A Promotional Gifts Party For Your Employees

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Most every business owner realizes the importance of maintaining the highest level of positive employee morale. If your employees are not happy, chances are you will not be either. If your employees are not happy, their work will suffer, placing a direct negative impact on your production and profits. Throwing an employee party is not only great for boosting morale, but it also a great way to distribute your company’s advertorial promotional gifts and have a lot of fun, too. Follow these tips for planning a promotional gifts party your employees will never forget.   You Don’t Have To Wait For A Holiday To Have A Party Many companies have parties around the time of the holidays. If you feel like your employees need a boost, consider throwing a party in the middle of the summer or early in spring. If you have a party during a time that is far from any holiday, you can show that your main focus is on your employees and that you care about having a party just because of them, not because it is near Christmas or Thanksgiving. Making Your Employee’s Party Special Is Important Most employee parties are held in the workplace. However, the best way to throw a party for boosting your employees’ morale is to have it away from the workplace. Your workers see the same environment day in and day out in your business, so choosing a unique place for your party is best. Consider places like a local park or a venue that includes amenities like a mini-golf course, a swimming pool or go-kart racing. You want your employees to have a good time and forget about work awhile, so choosing a party destination that can help them forget is a good idea. Giving Out Promotional Gifts That Work If you plan to give out promotional gifts at your employee party, avoid giving gifts that are boring and not useful. For example, giving out calendars to your customers is okay, but giving them to your employees is like telling them they are not worth giving anything better. Gifts that your employees can take home with them and enjoy are the best promotional gifts for your workers. For example, giving small, one-cup coffee makers along with a coffee mug with your logo on it is a good idea. You are not only giving a great and useful gift in a coffee maker, you are also handing out to your logo on a cup where it has chances to be seen by more people than just your employee. Considering promotional gifts that will work for you and your employees is best. Without hard-working employees, your company may not be as successful as it is today. Make sure you let your employees know how much you appreciate them by having a promotional gifts party....

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Ten Ways To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Your HVAC System

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As an environmentally conscious homeowner, you may be wondering how you can reduce your HVAC system’s environmental impact. Although new AC units are much more energy-efficient than they were just a few years ago, they can still eat up a large portion of your energy usage. So if you’re having a new unit installed, now is a good time to think about reducing its effect on the environment. Here are ten ways you can work on making your HVAC system more eco-friendly. 1. Airflow Anything that obstructs the airflow your AC unit needs can make it work harder to access the same amount of air, causing it to expend more energy on its job. Keep the area around your outdoor unit free of weeds and vegetation and other obstructions, and make sure you change the filter regularly so airflow into the duct isn’t obstructed by a full, dusty filter. 2. Annual maintenance Having your local HVAC contractor come out and check the coolant level and other important aspects of your AC function is an important part of getting ready for each summer. Low coolant levels can greatly reduce your AC’s efficiency and even cause the coils to freeze up. 3. Duct cleaning When you have professionals come out and clean your ducts, they not only vacuum pollutants out of the ducts themselves but also clean the parts of the AC unit that are accessed via the ducts. Dust-free AC components can remove heat from the air more efficiently because dust has insulatory qualities.  4. Cool roof coating One of the easiest ways to cool your roof is by covering it with a cool roof coating. This coating helps keep the roof from absorbing heat and transferring it to your house. In other words, it keeps your house cooler naturally so that your AC won’t have to run as often. 5. Insulation Insulation doesn’t just help keep heat in during the winter; it also helps keep heat out during the summer. The better insulated your home is, the less energy your AC unit will have to use and the more eco-friendly your summer cooling will be. 6. Electricity source If you can source your electricity from a company that uses solar, wind, or geothermal energy rather than fossil fuels, make the switch as soon as possible. Burning fossil fuels puts greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which you should avoid doing if you want to be more eco-friendly. 7. Fans Fans can not only help you stay comfortable at a slightly higher temperature, allowing you to set your thermostat a few degrees higher to save energy; they can also help push heat out of your attic when placed strategically by attic vents. This will help get any heat that your roof does accumulate out of your house before your AC system has to deal with it. 8. Shade Shade is another great way to take the burden off your AC unit and let it run less frequently. You can use shade trees, bushes, vines, or shade sails. Shading any part of your house can help, but the windows are a good place to start because they can account for a large portion of overall heat gain. 9. Programmable thermostat A programmable thermostat is a must for an environmentally responsible homeowner. You can set it to raise the house...

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Catchy Eco-Friendly Packaging For Your All-Natural Bath And Body Business

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If you run a business that focuses on all-natural products, organic products, or otherwise eco-friendly items, your customers will expect your products to reflect these values. If you run a bath and body business that sells, soaps, facial products, shower products, and more people will appreciate your business being natural and good for the inside and outside. You must also make sure that your packaging is good for your inside and outside. Here are some ways to package your bath and body products that are cute as well as eco-friendly.    Put the products inside of a shower glove A package that can be reused is best for the environment. For bath and body products, a shower utensil will be appreciated and well used. When you sell your soaps and bath bombs, package them inside of a shower glove or inside of a shower mitt. This way your customer gets a free product that can help with scrubbing during their bath, plus makes sure your packing is eco-friendly and useful.  Bucket made of recycled plastic Though you will want to skip the regular plastic bags, but plastic is not always a bad thing. Utilize plastic buckets, similar to kid’s playing pails, made of recycled plastic. Have your business name and information printed on these buckets. To make these eco-friendly, tell your customers to keep these to house their bath and body products and bring them back to your store when shopping again in order to get a discount.  Seaweed and leave packaging There is nothing more natural than flowers and plants. If you want to keep your products and packaging all natural, you can use leaves such as seaweed and bamboo leaves to wrap your products. Not only is this a cute natural method, but it also helps you to protect natural products within a natural wrapping. Your customers can either elect to reuse this packaging inside of their bath or they can toss this out into their garden to naturally break down.   Dissolvable packaging  Having your items packed in a dissolvable film gets rid of the need to figure out what should happen to any packaging for reuse. You can package your soaps, bath bombs, and other solid products within a dissolvable film. Similar to the way that laundry soap liquid tabs are made, you can also put shower gels inside of this type of packaging. This will completely eradicate the use of any unusable packaging.  For further assistance, contact a local outlet, such...

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Repairs To Smoke Damage You Should Perform Right After The Fire If You’re In A Hurry

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Having a fire is an upsetting enough event all on its own. It can be doubly difficult, then, to worry about how to fix up your house afterwards. Many people don’t realize that some of the worst damage is going to be from smoke. Even if the fire was caught fairly early and little damage from flames occurs, the fire damage from smoke can be a major issue. Here are some tips on handling the worst aspects of smoke damage so you can recover and set up fire sprinklers to prevent a next time. The key is to get it done early. Smoke Odor One of the biggest issues with smoke is that it’s hard to get the smell out once it’s been driven into a material. You can smell that burning odor for a long time after an actual fire has happened. The important thing is to handle it all as quickly as possible. One heavy duty approach you can take is using activated charcoal. This can be left around your house as a pure powder. It will absorb the odor. Other tools you can use include something called “odor reducing fogs,” which fill up your home and absorb more of the odor in the air. This is advantageous because it goes to where the odor actually is–namely, in the particles in the air. If you’re in a hurry, you can use a device called an ozone generator. These are higher end, but they are effective at absorbing odors. If you don’t catch the odor early and quickly, it can linger in a house for much longer than you might think. Some people report such odors lasting for years.  You can also try more natural methods such as white vinegar and baking soda. The white vinegar has a scent that will help blot out the scent of smoke. Soot Soot can also get deeply into everything if you aren’t careful. You need to get a vacuum cleaner to clean it all up first. Preferably, you’ll use something that’s HEPA certified. High-efficiency particulate air filters are effective at removing odors as well as contaminants like pollen. You’re going to want to vacuum it out before it becomes too much of a problem. Trisodium phosphate is also effective as a cleaner for soaking up smoke products like soot. It’s important to make sure that you use heavy duty rubber gloves while cleaning, and you’ll also want an air mask and goggles. You can get HEPA certified masks as well. Having proper fire sprinklers is ultimately the most important approach to keep smoke damage from occurring in the first place. There are many that can respond to smoke, heat, and many other factors to prevent smoke from becoming a problem even before the fire damage does. Learn more about this topic by contacting a local fire sprinkler supplier, or check it out...

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Do You Need A Printer?

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In the electronic age, you have probably gone paperless as much as possible. In fact, you might have trouble remembering the last time you had to buy a new ream of printer paper. You may do most of your business online and have chosen to receive and pay all your bills via electronic transfer. You may wonder if you ever need to print out anything again. Although you do not need to print out many documents, you do need to keep “hard” copies in a few instances. For more complicated printing tasks, you should do business with a custom printer. Legal Documents Although you can keep most documents stored in the cloud or on your computer, legal and some financial documents still need to be printed out. You need hard copies of your will, contracts, and other similar items that require an original signature. You may choose to scan these items and keep electronic copies as well, but you should still keep the paper originals in a safe location, preferably away from your office. Unfortunately, your computer can still be hacked, so paper forms can protect you. Resumes Printing out your resume may seem like a waste of time and paper, particularly since you probably already sent an electronic copy to the potential employer. You cannot assume that human resources printed out a copy for whoever is going to interview you. It is safer to have an attractive copy with you as well as a copy of your cover letter. You will look prepared and be spared the awkwardness of showing management your resume on your phone or tablet. Taxes You should always keep a copy of your tax return stored somewhere safe, although you should also keep it saved on your computer or on the tax preparation site you used. Just as importantly, you should keep the original copies of your W-2s, 1099s, receipts, and anything else associated with your tax preparation. You most likely will not be audited, the percentage of Americans who are is small, but you should play it safe and keep these documents for seven to ten years. Custom Printing Although you should keep a small printer around for the few hard copies you need, you probably do not need anything fancy. In most instances, your custom needs would be better met by a professional  printing company. For instance, if you are a teacher, you may well need custom stickers to give out as rewards to your students. Creating your own would take time away from preparing lesson plans and grading papers. Instead of investing in an upscale printer and other special materials, hiring professionals for the job is the better option.  Many documents never need to be printed anymore, which is good news for the environment, and this fact lessens your ink cartridge purchases as well. More and more, everything is done electronically. However, you still need to have hard copies of certain documents to protect you and the people with whom you do business. You will need a basic printer, but you probably won’t need it as often. Leave the complicated tasks to printing professionals....

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Before You Buy A Personal Safe, Here Are Two Things You Should Think About

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When you decide to purchase a personal safe, you might think that any safe will do the job properly and look for the most affordable safe you can find. While cost is one thing to keep in mind, there are other things for you to think about when you are choosing a safe that will keep your belongings or documents secure. As you search for a suitable safe, keep the following two things in your mind. The Items That Will Go in the Safe If you have not had a personal safe before, you may not be aware that the kinds of objects you’re storing will give you a better idea of the type of safe you’ll need. For example, if you plan to store cash or jewelry, you may simply need a safe with thick steel walls that cannot be tampered with. However, if you are getting a safe to protect your will, insurance policy forms and other important papers, you might be more inclined to choose a safe that has more insulation. These safes typically don’t have the ability to resist tools that burglars might use to open personal safes, as its primary function is to prevent fire damage. If you plan to store all kinds of items in your safe, be sure to find one that has a lock with a digital combination, thick metal walls and an appropriate fire label. Portable or Mounted Installation Something else you should think about is whether you need a portable personal safe or want to have one mounted inside your home. A portable safe might work for you if you want the option of being able to take the safe with you in the event of a move. However, if you own your own home, you might choose to have the safe bolted to a floor or put into concrete. Of course, choosing that kind of a safe installation may be more costly than a portable version, but no one will be able to walk away with your safe without your permission. When you are able to keep the above information in your mind as you search for a personal safe, you can have an easier time of selecting a safe that is going to successfully protect your things. Consult a locksmith who can offer you solid advice about what personal safe might be best and handle the safe installation for you....

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